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    Ravaged souls is more than just a PvM clan on Lunaris; it's also a community, a family that we're working on building together.
    There will be giveaways, PvM events, Exclusive clan only events, Discord servers, Voice chat,
    Pking and much more! Here at Ravaged Souls we welcome you!


    Item Requirements:
    (If you are missing any of the items listed down below feel free to continue your application, as it may be accepted)

    Capes: Swag>Infernal Cape>firecape
    Melee Weapons: Scythe of Vitur>Rapier>Lime Whip
    Ranged Weapons:Twisted Bow> DHCB > ACB > Blowpipe
    Shields: Avernic Defender > Dragon Defender > Dfs
    Magic Weapons: (recommended not needed)Sanguinesti staff > Kodai
    Melee Armour: Justiciar > Torva > Bandos > Elite Void
    Ranged Armour: Pernix > Armadyl >Elite void
    Magic Armour: Virtus > Ancesteral > Ahrims
    Gloves: Hulk Gloves > Barrows gloves
    Mini me (not required but highly sought after)

    Elite rank Requirements
    Prestige 3+
    Must have at least one raid 2 kill count
    Must be 3 banana or higher
    Mini me pet with scythe

    Other Requirements:
    Joining our Discord server: (Coming soon)
    99+ Ranged, Maged, Prayer, Attack, Strength, Defence, Hitpoints

    Clan Ranking System: Coming soon (Will be posted on discord)


    1. must follow all rules on Lunaris
    2. must always split loots unless stated beforehand
    3. no attacking clan members in the wilderness (unless it's a friendly fight)
    4. do not give our clan a bad reputation, please always be respectful, don't give the clan, or the server a bad reputation


    In game name:
    Combat Level:
    Prestige Level:
    Total Level:
    Do you have ALL the gear requirements (y,n):
    Rigour and Augury unlocked?(which ones, leave blank if neither):
    Do you have Soulsplit or Turmoil Unlocked?: (which onces, leave blank if neither)
    How experienced at PvM are you (scale 1-10):
    Do you have any experience at raids 1, or 2?
    What is your favourite boss?
    What region are you from (specify country)?
    Can you join our discord channel?
    Any final thoughts?
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