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  1. #1 Lunaris Guide to Starting an Ironman. 
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    Hello, Welcome to my ironman beginner guide.
    Note: I'm nowhere near the best ironman out there, but I feel like my starting progress went
    smooth, and fast to get where I am in the game right now. Also this is my first guide ever making, so forgive me for any mistakes!

    REQUIREMENTS: 1. Have Ironman status!

    First thing's first, lets make a new account and select the ironman mode!
    (I recommend voting ASAP, gives you free donator zone access, free teleports around Lunaris and free yell access)

    Once you have your account made, let's not waste any time! Equip your gear and bronze sword and head straight to rock crabs!
    (::teleports > Training > Rock Crabs)

    Once your at rock crabs, train up to some decent stats, I would say 40-50 all combat stats, completely up to you.
    Once you have decent stats you want to go to Abyssal Minions
    (::teleports > Bossing > Abyssal Minions)
    Your melee hits are doubled here, so that means faster xp! you'll max your combat in no time.
    If you have already voted, the teleport will be free, if you have not, it will cost you 100k.
    If you have not voted, all you have to do is thiev at home until you have enough cash to teleport. once you teleport, you want to kill the spawns, they will agro you at lower level so don't go in a big group of them, take one at a time. You need to pray melee or they will hit you, but you may be thinking, wait, I don't have melee prayer right now! no worries, all you have to do is just before you're about to die, teleport home and drink out of the Ornate Rejuvenation pool inside of edge bank and then teleport back and proceed killing.
    Your goal here is to get a rune scimitar. while killing the spawns, a scion might spawn. Scions drop great loot, one of the main drops you're looking for from them are dragon bones, as well as super restores! keep camping until you get dragon bones and can train your prayer up to get overheads.
    Other common drops you will receive are dragon skirts and dragon med helms, save all of these, as they are great cash for teleporting around if you have not voted! you can alch these or sell them to the merchant next to the thieving stall at ::home.

    Once you have prayer, good stats, decent gear, and hopefully a rune scimitar, you now want to go to revs. revs are great for various items, but the specific ones we're looking for are an abyssal whip, and mysterious emblems! The goal is to get an abyssal whip from revs, you want to kill revenant imps, they are the easiest and fastest ones to kill at this level. Before heading to revs, go to Adam who is located north west of ::home, talk to him and select the following.
    "View Iron Man Store" > "Armours" once you're here, you want to purchase a Proselyte set, and whatever you would like to purchase!

    Next step is to teleport to revs! you can get there by going to
    ::teleports > Wilderness > Revenants.

    Once at the revs, you want to go far north until you see two revenant imps, here is where you'll be until you either get a whip, or a bunch of emblems to turn in for blood money to buy a whip!

    As well as getting a whip from blood money shop at home, you can also get dragon boots, and a dragon defender!

    Once you have a whip, and or dragon boots and a dragon defender, you now want to head over to fight caves, be prepared to grind!
    (::teleports > Minigames > Page 2 > Fight Caves)
    Here you will be collecting Tokkul, your first purchase will be an uncut onyx for 300k tokkul.

    After that save up a bunch more Tokkul, and start buying uncut gems and cutting them for crafting levels, once you can cut diamonds, buy them and cut them until you reach 90 crafting.
    At 90 crafting you can finally cut your onyx and turn it into a fury!

    Once I got my fury, I continued to camp at fight caves to obtain an obsidian set which is pretty decent gear at this point in the game. After I got an obsidian set, I have been attempting Bandos, but you're welcome to do what ever you like at this point!

    Thank you for taking the time to read my
    ironman beginner guide, i'm sure it's not perfect,
    so feel free to tell me anything I can improve,
    whether it be in this post, or future posts!
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    Great guide Zone!
    Yaz -
    Administrator, Marketing Manager
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    Nice guide! I'll be putting this to the test.
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