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    1. No Spamming - 1 hour mute

    2. No Flaming/Harassment - Respect all community/staff players - Jail (200 bars)

    3. No ragging in Edgeville, Singles PVP - Jail (150 bars)

    4. No Spec and Teleing/ No Fcing at Edge Brid zone or edge - Jail (150 bars)

    5. No staff impersonations - Jail (500 bars), or depending on the level of the impersonation, instant ban

    6. No Bug Abusing - Jail (250 bars)

    7. No Advertising other websites/servers - Jail (500 bars), or depending on the level of the offence, instant ban

    8. No Racism/Discrimination/Cyber-Bullying - Mute 30 minutes and Jail (250 bars)

    9. No Scamming - Whether through Rule Changing Stakes, Dicing, or other forms - Jail (500 bars)

    10. No Selling or Buying 07 Gp - Instant Ban

    11. Do Not use the ::Yell to attempt a Lure/Scam - Jail (150 bars)

    12. Do not encourage others to break rules - Jail (100 bars)

    13. No PVP-Farming allowed - Jail (500 bars)

    14. Do not attempt to by-pass a punishment - Jail (500 bars), or depending on the offence, instant ban.

    15. No Alts/Multi-Logging in Raids, Mini-games or the Wilderness with the purpose of killing a player (Ex: Using an alt to tb then another account to barrage or spec) - Jail (250 bars)

    16. No flamming server in ::yell/::discord or public chat - jail (250 bars)

    17. No excessive begging - (50 bars)

    18. No Hosting Fake Giveaway's - 24 hour Mute

    19. No excessive trolling in FC/Yell//Public chat this includes intentionally triggering players at an excessive rate - (150 bars)

    20. No advertising your own discord either through discord or in game messages. (discord ban/ in game punishment)

    21. No safeguarding mobs/bosses by punching them down to block other users from using content. (sent home / jail if continue 100 bars)

    22. No renaming items anything sexist, innaporpriate or explicit (Mute + Jail - dependent on the name the item has been renamed to)

    23. No triyng to get users to stake or gamble against you on any platform besides Lunaris. (mute 1 hour/jail 300 bars)

    24. No logging mid dice for any reason or for any superstitious belief. (1 hr mute / 250 bars)

    Everyone is expected to follow the rules, having a bad day etc is no exception, being a vet player is no exception.

    Bar count for the offences above are based off first offence.
    If a player continues to break rules, the amount will be increased.
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