#1~ https://gyazo.com/8519920901779bc9c276540b37f04892 - modifiable f-keys
#2~ https://gyazo.com/64510240b35c32e65092d4e220d8b445 - coloured slayer helmets, you could need to get boss heads to make the regular slayer into coloured and the final slayer helm is a fused one, takes all of other slayers and 1 thousand slayer points or something to purchase.
#3~ i believe i mentioned it before but, boss respawn times, perhaps make zulrah respawn after 15 seconds after the kill and also barrelchest respawn maybe 10 seconds, giant mole needs to respawn faster and gwd bosses in general need to respawn faster.
#4~ speaking of gwd bosses i think they should drop more chilli potatoes or something like that extra low tier food
#5~ remove bots agro, its very annoying when u have just started a fight with a bot and then another bot comes and rushes you with a dds, aswell as this its annoying that when u safe the bot puts up pro melee.