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    This clan is founded by a raid group aiming for a efficient way to pvm on a high tier level.
    While maintaining the goal to achieve a PVM Community, with a fun, helpful and supportive environment.
    By answering questions within the ''Clan Chat'' and preparing PVM guides for the Lunaris community, we plan to give a good learning experience, in a fun and friendly environment.


    1. No Racism
    2. No Leeching
    3. No Crashing
    4. No Begging
    5. No Dicing in the Clan Chat
    6. Dont be toxic in the Clan Chat
    7. No PVPING CC Members (While PVM within the wilderness).

    Splitting loot:
    Trade the item to richest person or higest ranked, Within the group.
    payment must be in coins, bm, or items if agreed to on both party's.

    Rules are not to be broken, upon discovery of a member breaking the rules.
    Report it to a General+ in the Lunaris Discord or ingame PM.

    Uprising PVM
    F E A R


    Contest: Beat the zulrah Kill Count and get showcased (contact Uprising PVM for it!)

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    Looks like an awesome clan, im sure a lot of players will take advantage! I really like your Jad animation
    Yaz -
    Administrator, Marketing Manager
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    Proud to be apart of this clan
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