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    Long story short,
    We're just a group of friends from the same server (where we met), who decided to come together and start pking as a cc. Every single one of us has past singles experience, some being in top singles clans on the top tier servers.
    We mean no harm, we just enjoy pking - A Lot. All respect, even if it don't seem like it.

    And now to the killpictures:

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    All bants, met some cool mens past few days.

    We get it we will have alot of hate on the server for being a mainly pk clan.
    But it's what we enjoy to do, sorry boys.
    All love.
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    All love. If someone doesn't want to die, then stay out of the wilderness.
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    It's the wilderness, enter at your own risk....

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    Money over bitches.
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