Lunaris Price Guide (last Updated 8/13/2018)


Fancy Boots- 2b

Fighter Boots- 250m-300m

Red Boxing Gloves- 6b

Blue Boxing Gloves- 6b

Yellow Boxing Gloves- 6b

Pink Boxing Gloves- 6b

Attack, Defender, Collector, Healer Icons - 10b

Swag Gloves - 5b

3rd Age Weapons - 300m each

3rd Age Longsword- 800m

3rd Age Mage Set - 1b

3rd Age Range Set - 400m

3rd Age Melee Set - 2b

All Basic Color Phats- 400m

Black Partyhat - 500m

Rainbow Partyhat - 1b

Swag Partyhat - 2b

Ultimate Swag Partyhat - 18b-20b

Pumpkin Mask - 2b

Black h'ween - 500m

Red h'ween - 200m

Blue h'ween - 200m

Green h'ween - 200m

Santa Hat - 200m

Phat and Specs - 400m

Bunny Ears - 450m

Easter Basket - 2b


Justiciar Faceguard - 4b

Justiciar Chestguard - 4b

Justiciar Legguards - 4b

Hulk Hands - 2.5b-3b

Virtus Set - 3b

Imbued God Capes - 50m

Occult Necklace - 200m-250m

Occult amulet orn kit - 75m-125m

Armour set 4 - 1b-1.3b

Tome of Fire- 400m

Pernix Set - 3b-3.5b

Malediction Ward- 290m-330m

Odium Ward- 215m-245m

Twisted Buckler- 100m

Dinh's Bulwark- 100m

Bandos Chestplate - 100m

Bandos Tassets - 100m

Berserker ring (i)- 100m

Primordial Boots- 100m

Pegasian Boots- 100m

Eternal Boots- 100m

Serpentine Helm- 350m

Koleido Cape- 1b

Elysian Spirit Shield- 1b

Arcane Spirit Shield- 350m

Spectral Spirit Shield- 150m

Amulet of Torture- 225m-250m

Necklace of Anguish- 200m-225m

Eternal Glory - 50m

Dragon Full Helm - 50m

Dragon Platebody - 50m

Archer's Ring (i) - 75m

Ancestral Set- 1.1b-1.4b

Torva set- 3b+

Ultra Swag Cape- 6b

Salve Amulet (i) - 300m

Salve amulet (e) - 400m

Bracelet of Ethereum - 50m

Ring Of Suffering - 100m

Crystal Shield (i)- 50m

Ring of Nature - 250m


Scythe of Vitur - 8b

Ghrazi Rapier - 5b

Sanguinesti Staff - 2b

Crystal Halberd (i)- 500m

Crystal Bow (i)- 50m-75m

Abyssal Bludgeon- 300m

Kraken Tentacle- 100m

Abyssal Dagger- 300m

Trident of the Seas- 50m

Dragon Hunter Crossbow - 400m

Trident of the Swamp- 100m

Dragon Claws- 150m-200m

Armadyl Godsword- 150m-200m

Twisted Bow- 3b+

Lime Whip- 2b

Dragon Warhammer- 225m-250m

Blowpipe- 200m

Zamorakian Spear/Hasta- 50-100m

Elder Maul - 250m-300m

Armadyl Crossbow- 200m

Toxic Staff Of The Dead- 150m

Kodai Wand - 1b


Raids Mystery Box - 600m

Jewelry Mysterby Box - 500m

Sire Mystery Box - 200m

Vorkath Mystery Box - 450m

Super Donator Scroll - 1.5b-1.7b

Legendary Mystery Box - 250m

Cosmetic Mystery Box - 300m

Pet Mystery Box - 350m

Donator+ Scroll - 600m

Dragon Key - 50m

Mini-Me Pet- 1.5b

Dice Bag- 3b+

God Halos - 400m

Ring Of Wealth (i) - 2b

Ankou Set - 10b

Double XP Ring - 3b-4b

Revenant Ether - 2k

Salve Shard - 50m

Dragon Pickaxe- 100m

Blood Money- 2gp

Coal - 5k

Runite bar - 15k

Dexterious Prayer Scroll - 150m

Arcane Prayer Scroll - 50m

Torn Prayer Scroll - 25m

Item Renamer (Quill Pen) - 1-5m

Zulrah Scales - 1.5k-2k

item magnet - 4b-5b

Cannonball - 15k-20k ea